Undergraduate Courses:

    By taking a degree course abroad, you get more than just a diploma. The Student also gain experience in institutions with excellent teaching and build a great network by meeting people from different countries. You will put the world on your resume. Rafas University Exchange Operator offers a complete advisory service to support the student to make the choice of the course, according to the interest area and the budget.

    Postgraduate Courses – Lato Sensu and Stricto Sensu:

    Boost your resume with an overseas postgraduate course and stand out within your company and in your competence area. The postgraduate courses are aimed for professionals who have already completed a college course and wish to continue their studies.

    Among the postgraduate courses available, masters and doctorates are part of the group known as stricto sensu, which means it is intended primarily for those who wish to pursue an academic career as a researcher or university professor, for example. In addition to this, it is possible to do this postgraduate and work in local companies. Rafas Operator offers the best masters and doctorate courses in the best European and North American universities, preparing students since the application process until their arrival in the destination country.

    International Modules Short Course:

    Opportunity to improve in specific area of knowledge during the holiday period (Summer Course / Winter Course).