Rafas University Operator is a company with a wide international experience, and it has been directing its energy to cross-cultural teaching for training and development of leaders, facing the most diverse current scenarios.

    We are an Exchange Operator focused on Highest level courses for students who are market professionals or academics. We have protocols with the best international schools and universities. Our target audience is made of young people and adults, professionals in the fields of Management, Law, Foreign Trade, Social Sciences and a great range of professional areas.

    Our service, which is always personalized, gives young executives the opportunity to choose the best options of courses and self-improvement programs abroad. We take care of the whole process, from the orientation of the most appropriate program until the necessary documentation and the enrollment requirements.


    Our mission is to offer Brazilian students the best opportunities for academic and professional development through the investment in education, aiming to transform the Brazilian socio-economic mentality

    Our vision for the future is to be recognized as the exchange operator that most invests in education of the people, offering the students an educational and professional training through cooperation with the best universities in the world.


    People develop at the speed of their effort, dedication and talent.

    Working in an open and transparent
    environment, where the things are done in a simple and agile way.

    Obstination for student’s happiness:
    To provide the best life experiences for our students.

    The biggest investment someone can do will always be for the perfection of the human being.